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Movie Knives In the News

IKW Selected As Movie Prop Creator.

Mike in the shop works on movie props

You Bet! When the movie land prop shop needs a great prop for a big hit movie like The Reverant Mike get's to work and produces era knives of only the best quality and period match available.

The Revenant Movie Knives

Movie Knives: The Revenant Special Edition Hudson Bay Knife requested by Tom Hardy who played 'John Fitzgerald' in The Revenant Movie.

Click on the image to check out Tom's Knife.

Now that The Revenant's epic adventure of survival and the extraordinary power of the human spirit has been told look at what is being said a little closer to home.
CDAPress.com posted a great article:
Couple's handcrafted knives featured in 'The Revenant'.

IKW was selected as a provider of Revenant Movie knife props.
Revenant Movie Knife Props

The three Revenant Movie knives are from left to right, Hudson Bay Knife, San Francisco Bowie and Nessmuk Knife.

Jul 17, 2015

Showing rubber replica for Tom Hardy created from original IKW work.

Design for Tom Hardy

This photo of 2 blades are a special knife design for Tom Hardy. One knife was used to make a rubber double.

Check out the official trailer on YouTube: The Revenant

Hunting Journal

Article by Joe Arterburn

April/May 2022

Hudson Bay Knife

Nessmuk Style

American Frontiersman Magazine Fall 2019
article by Dan Shechtman

Idaho Knife Works

In the article Mr. Shechtman said, "I suppose the highest compliment I can pay bladesmith Mike Mann of Idaho Knife Works is that I have chosen to carry Mike's knives in places where a guy may just have to look to his knife for his survival. Over the 20 years I've known Mike, his knives have been on my belt from the wilderness of Alaska to the Yukon Territory and Northern Canada. Mike forges 5160 spring steel for his Bowie and Hudson Bay knives, 1080 high-carbon steel for his Nessmuk knife, and high-carbon saw steel for his canoe knives.

Mike's woods-ready version of the Nessmuk knife is accurately patterned after the Walt Kneubuhler knife, right down to the mountain-man tack sheath. The 4.75-inch blade is a workhorse, and the Osage-orangewood handle is perfectly suited to hard use over extended periods. Mike's Nessmuk knife, like all of his knives, is crafted for the serious outdoorsman who travels far from the road and must truly depend on his gear." (idahoknifeworks.com)

(Below) Mike Mann of Idaho Knife Works offers a Nessmuk knife that is as woods worthy as it is historically authentic.

Mike Mann of Idaho Knife Works offers a Nessmuk knife that is as woods worthy as it is historically authentic.


American Frontiersman Magazine May 2016 article by Dan Shechtman

"as useful and functional today as it was during the fur trade."

The Truth About Knives May 14, 2016

“5 From the Grinder” with Michael L. Mann (Idaho Knife Works)

I first became aware of Michael and Debbie Mann when reading about the knives in the movie Revenant. Together they are the founders of Idaho Knife Works, which ...

Interview by H. Clay Aalders at The Truth About Knives.

Did you catch this
in Knife World Magazine???

If you are as passionate about knives as we are here at IKW then you probably caught this coverage of Idaho Knife Works in Knife World but in case you didn't your in luck check it out right now by clicking HERE. Knife World has had a recent change in format to Knife Magazine. Check 'em out, don't miss another article.

Idaho Knife Works Celebrates 25 Years

Western Shooting Journal Showcases
Idaho Knife Works
Celebrating 25 Years In Business.

  • 2018 - Jan/Feb Backwoodsman Mag article by Cliff Jacobson "Are Big Blades Best for the Bush?
  • 2016 - Nov/Dec Backwoodsman Magazine article, "Mountian Man's Buffalo Knife" by Dan Shechtman
  • 2015 - May Knife World, Summer Guns of the Old West (Bowies)
  • 2014 - Sept BLADE Mag(BuckSkinner), April Western Shooting Journal(25th yr in business), Fall Guns of the Old West(Bowies)
  • 2011 - Spring Guns of the Old West(Bowies), Dec Cabela's Outfitter Journal(BuckSkinner), IDAHO Hunt & Fish Guide
  • 2010 - Mar Tacticle Knives(Hunter Companion), March Backwoodsman Mag (on the cover!)
  • 2009 - Mar Tacticle Knives(Hunter Companion), May BLADE Mag(Trapper Folder), Sept Backwoodsman Mag (Mystery Knife)
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  • 1993 - March Country Extra Mag
  • 1991 - Jan/Feb - BLADE Mag(Cumberland), Fall The Miner (local newpaper), Dec Liberty Bee newspaper in Illinois
  • 1989 - Sept/Oct - Backwoodsman Mag (intro)
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