Idaho Knife Works Proudly Presents

Mike Mann,
Award Winning Custom Knife Maker

Knives proudly hand crafted in the U.S.A.

Mike Mann made his first knife - 1965 High School Shop class in Illinois where he grew up hunting and fishing with his brothers on The Family Farm that was homesteaded in 1869. His passion for making knives as a hobby gradually developed into a full time business. In 1989 he started Idaho Knife Works with his wife Debbie at their remote mountain home in North Idaho.

Mike won Best Primitive Knife Award several times at Professional Knifemaker Shows in Denver,CO. His work has been featured in several magazines, Tactical Knives(Steven Dick), The Backwoodsman (Dan Shechtman), BLADE, Knives Illustrated, Guns of the Old West, Muzzle Blast Magazine, Cowboy Chronicle, Knife World (Steve Garger), several books by Cliff Jacobson along with other publications. In 1997 Mike co-colobrated with famed outdoor writer & wilderness canoe guide, Cliff Jacobson and ‘The Cliff Knife’ was born which branched out into several other models – The Cliff Canoe Knife, The Cliff Hunter Knife, The Lady Cliff & The Baby Cliff. In 2014 he also made 3, a Hudson Bay Knives, a San Francisco Bowie and Nessmuk Knife for a movie called The Revenant with Leonardo DiCaprio & Tom Hardy which was released in early 2015.

Mike’s ‘Line Up’ started out with modern style hunting knives + fishing knives then other blade styles were gradually added. He also designed some knives for his ‘Line Up’. Reproduction Mountain Man & Cowboy Era Knives also became part of The IKW ‘Line Up’. Mike has made MANY Customer Custom Knife Orders along with ‘Line Up’ knives during his 32 years as a Full Time Professional Knifemaker, many destined to become Family Hierlooms. His years of experience as an outdoorsman & appreciation of our historical past has guided his artistic expression in the good working knives he has built!

Idaho Knife Works now presents truly unique, one of a kind knives Mike Mann has made over the years now FOR SALE…


It is 30+ years since we (Dave and Joanne Wass) first met Mike and Debbie Mann at a trade show in Billings MT. We started collecting Mike’s knives at that point and have acquired an extensive collection. What started out as a business relationship quickly grew into an endearing friendship. We have watched both Mike as the knifemaker and Debbie as the marketer each grow in their respective expertise. We kept the knives in an enclosed display case to protect their integrity and be able to enjoy them on a daily basis. The knives are new and not used. We have of course kept some knives and enjoyed using them, but these are not included in this offering. We have now retired to spend most of our time in Belize. As such, we have decided to offer this amazing collection to Mike’s clientele. We feel that because Mike is no longer actively making new knives that perhaps his customers would appreciate the opportunity to acquire one of his masterpieces. ENJOY!

Thanks to Mike and Deb for accepting us into their lives.

Dave and Joanne Wass

Mike & Debbie Mann
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