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Mike Mann,
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Hunt Photos

Mike w/Buck Nov 2016

Mike w/Buck Nov 2016

The November 2013 hunt yeilds a nice buck.

Chance & Mike
November 2013

Harvested Bull Moose
Bull Moose Hunt

My oldest son, Michael was with me when I harvested this Bull Moose at an area near Avery, ID called 49 Meadows during the last week of Oct. 2003. We located him by both cow & bull calling. When I saw him emerge from the trees into the edge of a swampy meadow area, I was able to get a clean shot (116 yds) using my trusty 7mm Mag Rifle. I used my Nessmuk Knife with gut hook and my son used a Hook Hunter Knife. In Idaho, it's a special drawing for a Moose tag (one time only). So, I was fortunate to get drawn! It was the hunt of a lifetime and a great experience to have my son with me!! That's why this hunt was so special...

White Tail Buck


11-17-2003,Whitetail Buck at 75 Yards with a 45-70 Rifle

Hoo Doo Mountain, Northern Idaho

Bull Elk

Sept. 2000, Bull Elk with Bow, central Idaho

2007 Turkey Hunt

Spring 2007 Turkey Hunt

Mike and Marc 2009

Mike and Marc 2009

Mike's Buck

Mike's Buck

Mike's Buck 2008

Mike's Buck 2008

Buck 1995

Mike's Nice Buck 1995

Kevin & Custom Hunter Bowie
First Bull Elk

Kevin's wife got her first Bull ELK!
( left ) Kevin & Custom Hunter Bowie.

Kevin Butchering w/his Bowie
Kevin Butchering w/his Bowie
Sandi's Bull
Sandi's Bull
Hunter Bowie on backstrap
Hunter Bowie on Backstrap
Mike & his Wife Debbie
The Mountain Manns

Mike & his wife Debbie, the Mountain Manns

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