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The Cliff Knife & Fishing Knives

The Cliff Knife

This is the original - not a copy!

The Cliff Knife, designed by canoe guide/author Cliff Jacobson. The blade is 4 1/4" flat ground, high carbon steel with full tang 4 1/4" handle. Various woods available, please see Special Order Page for list. Also special "rescued wood" (100+ years old) osage orange wood from Mann Family Farm in Illinois or Maple from Lake Superior. Why use rescued wood? More stable, tighter grain, less likely to warp or crack, a beautiful piece of history!

The Cliff Canoe Knife 15N20 sawmill bandsaw steel blade is approximately 3/32" thick-starts at $205. Your choice of handle material @ various prices. Sturdy leather sheath is included.

Cliff Jacobson paddles the Poreno River, Norway
June 2011

The Cliff Hunter Knife has 1/8"+ thick high carbon steel blade for heavier use and start at $240. Your choice of handle material @ various prices. Sturdy leather sheath is included.

The Lady Cliff Knife

Would you believe that four of us had one of your Cliff knives?

four cliff-knives

Hello, Mike:

I hope all is well on the mountain and you’re becoming fit and sassy again. Just got back from a Piragis Northwoods Co. canoe trip in the BWCA. Would you believe that four of us had one of your Cliff knives? Here are a couple photos of them. Mine is the one on the right.

Hugs to you and Deb.


Comments on the Cliff Knife & Fishing Knives

On Oct 15, 2013


Just a short note to say what a great knife you make. I purchased a cliff knife from you 3 years ago. I 'm a farmer and use it everyday to cut twine on rounds bales to slicing open feed bags. It is light to carry, easy to sharpen (love the flat grind blade) and durable!! Also skins a muskrat, coon or coyote in a flash. Like I said, I've had it 3 years and it never has had a day off. I waited this long to pass judgment on it, cause I wanted to make sure it stood up to some use, IT DOES!! Nice sheath too! Doubt I will ever need another one. But if I do, you will be the guy I call!!!

Thanks for making a great product!!


Bill Peterson

Cliff knife purchased 3 years ago!

"The most practical and beautiful knife in my arsenal, this knife begs to be touched and used!" says Cliff Jacobson March '97 issue Tactical Knives Magazine article "Mountain Man's Masterpiece."

"Perfect knife to handle camp chores...a tool that I wouldn't hesitate to depend on in the wilds." Steven Dick, Editor and Chief, Tactical Knives, July '99.

"Mike's knife preformed as I hoped it would...The Cliff Knife took a beating," says Dan Shechtman Jan/Feb 2000 issue Backwoodsman Magazine article"The True All-Purpose Bush Knife"

Cliff Jacobson discusses IKW Blades

Cliff Jacobson: Writer/Consultant

Member Outdoor Writers Assn. of America

American Canoe Assn. Legends of Paddling Award

Distinguished Eagle Scout

Web-site: Visit Cliff Jacobson

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Light Field Knife

Light Field Knife

The Light Field Knife (L.F.K.) has a 4 3/4" blade - $140. Works well as a boning knife, field dress small game and kitchen camp chores! Made of 15N20 high carbon tool steel (saw mill band saw steel) that is 3/32" thick and tapered to the tip. The blade is stiffer than a fishing knife. The full tang, tear drop handle can be special ordered in wood or antler slabs (price varies by choice) and is extremely comfortable in hand while in use! It comes with brass guard and pins. A sturdy, tight fit leather sheath completes this knife.


Idaho Knife Works L.F.K. is just one in a line of highly practical outdoor knives they are well known for.
Steven Dick,
Editor-in-Chief May 07 Tactical Knives Magazine

Fishing Knives


Fishing knives are shaped just like L.F.K. with longer blades. These blades are also made from 15N20 high carbon steel. This steel holds an edge extremely well & hones quickly for use. The blades are also very flexible. Knife has full tang handle and comes with sheath.


Steelhead Fish in March

Mike & Michael-Steelhead Fish-March 2009


Fishing in Illinois

Brother Charlie & Mike (Mick) Fishing in Illinois May 2010

Mike and sons fishing


see our cousin's tackle business at

Dirty Jigs Tackle.com/

Mike (Magwa) & Mike (Padre) Steelhead Fish-Orofino, ID March 2010

The Cliff knife in use

Report From the Field

Pompano to filet with the Cliff Knife

Mike & his Wife Debbie
The Mountain Manns

Mike & his wife Debbie, the Mountain Manns

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