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Here are just a few of our many satisfied Customers...

Dave and some of his IKW knife collection.

Since this photo was taken he and his wife, Jo,
have added to their collection. see statement

August 2004

Doc Togden with his Big Bowie at Laughing Water Ranch in Montana

Happy Criswell Boys

Happy Criswell Boys!!

Doug surprises his family with IKW hook knives in 1995

Mike with Monte and his new IKW Bowie

1999 - Neil and his son

Montana hunt with IKW hook knife

Jeff and his IKW knives

Steven and his IKW knives

Christmas of 2001 - Brothers & their IKW Bowies.

Big Dan

Big Dan 1992


Big Dan Idaho Knife Works Collection

Idaho Knife Works Collection

Big Medicine, w/his IKW Rifleman's Knife and French Folder

Big Medicine's Buck 2006

Charlie - Platte River NE... good customer who also became our friend-Rest in Eternal Peace!

Charlie of the Platte River, NE

Tristan, 2nd Lt-serving in IRAQ 3/'07 w/Long Hunter Bowie

Bud-Happy 59th BD!

Ted re-enacts Jim Bowie @ The Alamo with his Fighter Bowie

Ted served twice in IRAQ

Robert in Texas - The Knife I Carry
May'09 BLADE Magazine

Robert'08w/IKW-6yr collection

"Bob said his brother didn't have much but, he did have is knives!!"

click here for photo of knives

Mr Darcy Feb06

note saddle mounted knife

Dec07 Eric "ON DUTY" w/1847 Bowie at his side!


Grandpa and AJ

Hello Debbie and Mike,

You made me a Cliff Hunter with Osage Orange scales back in 2002. After 7 years of hunting, camping, canoeing and rafting I am as delighted with it as the day it arrived in the mail. While it holds an edge well, it also resharpens easily. Skinning and quartering an elk, my hunting partners will struggle to keep their knives sharp, or more often use multiple knives to finish the task. A quick pass over a sharpening steel and my Cliff Hunter is back at it in peak condition.

The ergonomics are also great. It fits in my hand very well and seems "natural". The blade design is excellent for hunting, but also serves as an outstanding camp knife--the role it actually plays most often. Prior to getting my knife from you I had had a number of high priced premium manufacture's knives break or shatter. Your knife with its hard edge, but softer back, has never failed me.

Not only was the knife outstanding, but I still clearly, after 7 years, remember what a great job the both of you did in ensuring I selected the right knife for my needs and that some custom touches, such as a lanyard hole in the handle, were included.

I felt that after 7 years of using such an outstanding product I really owed it to you to write you and say thank you!

Best Regards,

Kevin Kussman

P.S. Do you have a guess on how old the actual Osage Orange wood in the handle is?

200lb hog and IKW knife Hog and .308

200yd shot on a 200lbs+ hog using a custom built Finney & Dunsirn rifle in .308

Mike, his new hat & IKW Knives

Russell's God Son gets his Eagle Scout and Cliff Knife!


I was given an IKW Hunter Companion knife by my friend Bob Finney. The knife looked good, but I didn't know how well it would perform. Well it is deer season now in Texas and I field dressed a deer this past weekend. The knife was a pleasure to use. The size and shape of the blade is perfect for field dressing. The position (height) of the cutting edge in relation to the handle seemed to make the knife easier to handle. I have many good quality comercially made knives that will not be making many hunting trips now as my IKW is the new favorite. Thanks for a great knife.

PS - I am one of your satisfied customers

Bill Forehand

July 2010 - Bill w/new 308 Win & IKW Hunter Companion

Melisa's IKW Cliff and Ulu Knives

Melisa's Cliff and Ulu Knives

Hi Deb & Mike the Mann,

Thanks so much for the two knives! I absolutely love them! They are both very elegant and neither take up much space in a totally functional capacity. I am very impressed also with the aesthetics! The wood, metal, and leather work is both refined and rustic, which is totally me...

I honestly haven’t tried them yet on anything. I suppose I will have to let you both know how that goes over a longer period of time...

The Cliff Canoe Knife I think will be the most useful and celebrated.

The ulu will be something more of an cultural/anthropological journey for me, to fit in a little better with the natives up in Alaksa. I think I’ll also just use the ulu for food – and particularly meets like fish that I often buy off the locals, keeping its function hygienically separate.

The leather sheaths are also very well done. I won’t have any issues feeling pride in owning these knives for decades and making good use of them.

So I’m an impressed customer... Well done


see comments by Sam Cronk

Comments by CW3 Brendan R

To: idahoknifeworks
Subject: I have received my treasure
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2010 08:16:50 -0700

Dear Padre and Coyote Woman,

I received my knife in the mail yesterday and once I opened it, eyed it and felt it in my hand, I was in heaven. I would have never imagined that a concept for a knife, discussed over the telephone from 12,000 miles away and over three months time, could have come out like this. It is absolutely perfect in every way and everything I had hoped for in a custom made knife.

Mike, you are a true master craftsman and a credit to your trade. Everything about the knife from the beautiful choice of the Elk antler blanks to the file work on the blade is exactly what I wanted. The balance is nice and I really like the heft of it in my hand. I can tell by the feel and weight that it will make a perfect camp/all purpose knife that I do intend to use in all my outdoor chores. As for the sheath, you got it perfect from my description. The blade fits very snug in the sheath and even though there is no clasp, I know the knife will stay seated until it is ready to be unsheathed. The color, stitching and how the sheath will ride on my belt are exactly what I wanted. The brass rivets add a perfect touch to the overall look of the fine leather sheath. I like that you ground down small parts of the rivets to keep with the lines of the sheath. The lighter color stitching really sets off the beautiful rich tone of the leather.

Coyote Woman, as far as a customer relations experience, I couldn't have asked for anyone more knowledgeable and friendly. You are a pleasure to deal with and a true credit to the Idaho Knife Works. Thanks for all of your patience and the informative literature that you sent out about some of the accolades over IKW. That personal touch reassured me that I chose the right family business to create my knife. I would also like to thank you for the "in the works" pictures that you took of my knife while on the bench in Padre's shop. They are as important to me as the finished product.

I will definitely be showing the knife to fellow Green Berets so don´t be surprised if some more orders from Okinawa come your way. I still intend to purchase knives for my sons once they make Eagle Scout and you better believe that they will be coming from Padre's workshop. I will definitely be a repeat customer for all of my custom knife needs. Once again, thank you for a wonderful experience and for a beautiful treasure that I will cherish until I pass it down to one of the kids (maybe). Thanks for all that you do and I look forward to all of our future business. You are both great Americans!

With warmest regards,

CW3 Brendan R.

A Co, 1st BN, 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne)

PS I will be sending some pics of me with the knife for your website.

Patrick, Ultimate K-9 "Ready to Rambo"

Joe w/IKW boot knife got this pig with open sights at 64 yards w/22 - made 80 pounds of sausage and chops.

Hi Mike and Debbie,

I am just back from a cycling trip in northern Laos and Thailand with our elder daughter.

On the road I met this young girl. You can't start early enough to use a knife!

I still like the knife you have made for me, thanks so much!

Best regards from The Netherlands,


Surprized Dad!

quote from a satisfied customer

"Update and question" from Ken.

"Your Knife Order" from Anthony.

"worthy and reliable companions" from Jonathan.

"absolutely beautiful" from Louie.

"very very happy camper" from Dani.

"gut, skin, and butcher" from Grinning Possum.

"just as imagined" from Roger.

Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2013 09:56:19 -0500

From: Ken

Subject: Update and question

To: Idaho Knife Works

Hi Debbie and Mike...

Ken from NH here with an update on the knife I got from you last spring. Fantastic! The more I use this knife, the more I like it. It got put to hard service for a month long camping trip in northern Canada last summer and I have just put the last of this year's venison in the freezer. My knife is comfortable to use, tough, not too bulky and takes and holds a nice edge. Thank you again.

On a related note, would you be interested in making a replica of sorts of a fishing knife that my old friend got in South America years ago? It was very crude but he loved was stolen from him in Alaska a few years ago. It was just a shaped steele blade with a ball bearing as a pummel and copper wire welded on as slab handles. I'm not looking to duplicate it exactly, just to use his lost knife as inspiration for a new one. This would be a gift that I would give him towards spring. Please let me know if you are interested and maybe a rough estimate of cost. SEE ILLUSTRATION.

Thanks... Ken.

Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2014 18:44:57 -0800

From: Anthony

Subject: Re: Your Knife Order

To: Idaho Knife Works

Hi there,

I just got home today and was able to open the box you sent. The items were well packed and everything arrived in perfect condition.

They look fantastic! I must say that the photos featured on your website do not do justice to the actual beauty of the items shown. The knife blade is wonderfully curved and the handles on both pieces match perfectly. The head on the axe is uniquely shaped and I love the little areas of rough texture on the sides of it as well. It gives it an authentic hand-forged, rustic-but-refined feel. The leather sheaths for both items are very well made and compliment the tools very well.

I must say that I am impressed and more than pleased, you have done very fine work and I am very happy with everything. You have one more very satisfied customer!



Jonathan Linville - 10:51am May 13

I have moved twice since when the knives were send to the address you

The knives have been worthy and reliable companions and show no signs of giving up the title anytime in my lifetime....will certainly let you know when/if we come through there...

Jonathan Linville - 11:01am May 13

So in case you guys ever wondered, im thankful for those knives, and thank you both for them and the friendship....they are exactly what I was trying to get to materialize when I started my search about 12 years ago now....

Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2014 11:41:31 -0700
From: Louie
Subject: confirmation of order delivered 06/09/14

Debbie, received dagger today Monday 06/09/14. I thought from the outset that your husband was a fine craftsman, and I always knew that I would get a piece of the highest quality. After opening the dagger on a scale of 1-10, your husband is an 11. The dagger is absolutely beautiful and it is something that I will treasure the rest of my life. Dealing with you folks has been an unbelievable experience. With all my gratitude.


P.S. The handles are absolutely magnificent.

Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2014 14:25:59 -0700
From: danbeerdental
Subject: 9-13 received

Dear Mike + Debbie

How do I like this knife? I don't know where to start, the thin flat ground blade, handle-blade angle, gorgeous gorgeous wood, great sheath, all over fit and finish, weight and proportion................ I'm a very very happy camper, thanks so much.

Cheers Dani

Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2014 16:36:21 -0600
Subject: Re: cliff
From: grinningpossum

Almost have it sharpened the way I want it. It got some blood on it twice this week, and none of it was mine. Shot two does and used my Cliff Knife to gut, skin, and butcher both. Have cut up veggies for salads, too. The blade is thin enough to slice a carrot without wedging the carrot to the breaking point. Haven't done any woodcraft with it yet. It is the right size to perform a lot of different tasks, and with its light weight, I have to feel to make sure it is still on my belt. There are specialized knives that will do certain tasks better than the Cliff, but then they are not near as versatile. It will be kept handy any time I am in the great outdoors.

From: radkins
To: idahoknifeworks
Subject: RE: Your Knife
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2014 19:58:49 +0000

Deb, Received the knife today and it’s just as imagined… perfect. I thank you for the excellent communication and please give Mike my thanks for the stellar craftsmanship. From the moment I heard about Idaho Knife Works, to visiting your website, to our communication via email, to actually receiving the knife has been an absolute pleasure. I will gladly spread the word about Idaho Knife Works.

Thanks again. Roger

From: Barb and Tom
Sent: Sunday, July 30, 2017 1:57 PM
Subject: The Beautiful Lady

The Beautiful Lady

Here is my Lady Cliff at the headwaters of the Noatak River in Northwest Alaska at the start of our 30 day canoe trip.

Kinfe Update

From: Jake Tanner
Sent: Thursday, July 20, 2017 7:47 AM
Subject: Knife Update


Anyways, I love it! From the sheath, to the mosaic pins on the handle, to even the width of the blade... It's perfect. It also feels great in my hand. I haven't done anything with it other than open one piece of mail with's almost to pretty to use haha.

Here is a picture (sorry for the poor quality) of my son Colt Reid Tanner. Above him (unloaded) is his Colt .22 Scout single action made in the early 70's and then his two IKW knifes. His cowboy action rig will be complete when we get his belt and holster.

I want to again express my appreciation for everything. I wouldn't know you from Adam, but you can tell through our few conversations, y'all are genuinely great people. Unfortunately, it's sort of a challenge to find the perfect blend of good people, good business, and a good product.... and in this case American made as well. All I can say is I am happy I found IKW and look forward to our future transactions.

Take care and wish y'all the best!


From: Kenneth Weldon
Sent: Friday, May 3, 2019 2:25 PM
To: idaho knife works
Subject: Long term review.

After 6 years of daily (almost)carry, hunting, fishing, foraging and even a little roadside motorcycle repair, this is truely the best all around knife that I've ever had.


Ken Weldon

Ron in Denali
long time friend and knife user!

Collin's First Buck!

Collin's First Buck!

M.Hamer - Taxidermist w/his IKW Collection