Hunting and Camp Knives

Jack Knife

Introducing ~ The Jack Knife

Has a 3" 1080 high carbon steel blade w/figner gripping guard. Full tang handle can be your choice of Elk Antler or various woods.

Starting @ $205. Includes sturdy leather sheath!

Click the image for a close up look.

This Large Survival Knife has a 7" forged, high carbon steel blade (starts @ $460). The full tang handle can be wood or antler slabs (price will vary by choice) with brass guard & pins.Lanyard hole optional and comes with sturdy leather sheath. click here for larger picture.

Featured in Sept./Oct 2003 Backwoodsman Magazine, "Backwoods Knives - Some of the Very Best"; and Jan. 2004 Tactical Knives Magazine, "Make Mine Big", by Dan Shectman.

Special order yours with modifications, price may vary.

The Buck Skinner by Mountain Mann! Blade is 3 1/2" 1080 High Carbon Steel, 1/8" thick and tapers to tip. Guard and pins are brass. Full tang handle slabs can be your choice. This knife starts at $215 and comes with sturdy leather sheath!

"This one has a no nonsence blade of high carbon steel with nice belly for skinning and cutting and a fine point for detail work like caping. Not big, not bulky...suitable as an all purpose utility knife."  says Joe Arterburn, December 2011 Cabela's Outfitter Journal, 'Idaho Knife Works Buck Skinner'.

See also BLADE Mag-June 2014-Knifemaker Showcase-write up by Steve Garger

The Hunter Companion Knife

The Hunter Companion Knife has a 3 1/2" long, apx 1/8" thick, high carbon steel blade. A full tang 4" wood handle has two brass pins. Sheath included.Compact knife is great for use on big & small game! Starts @ $175.

"Mike's 'Hunter Companion' is a good example of his talents. The Hunter Companion did all the basic tests well, both in the kitchen and around my camp. I would definetely trust it out in the wild, so it will probably find a place on my side at the next primitive outing."
Terrill Hoffman,
Tactical Knives Magazine, March 2009

"The Hunter's Companion is a compact fixed blade that can handle both small and big game field-care assignments. This is one highly effective fixed blade that combines a wide range of performance with all-day carrying comfort."
Durwood Hollis,
Tactical Knives Magazine, March 2010.

Nessmuk Knife

Born George Washington Sears in 1821, he lived with Nipmuc Indians and learned skills of wilderness living. From 1880 - 1890 he wrote of his knowledge and adventures under the pen name of "Nessmuk". After trying out other blade patterns, he developed this knife which became named for him. Experienced woodsman have referred to the Nessmuk knife as the perfect hunter's knife.

Dan Shechtman, Backwoodsman Mag. Sept/Oct 2001

This Nessmuk Knife has a 4 3/4", flat ground, high carbon steel blade that is 1/8" + thick at the hilt and tapers to the tip. The full tang, pinned, 4 1/2" handle can be wood or antler. Starts at $230.

The Hunter Pack

The Cliff Hunter Knife and LFK make the perfect pair of knives for Hunt Camp Chores! This handy double sheath with honer can be worn on a belt or put in your pack. Please contact us for additional information...

Osage Bow & Cliff Hunter Knife

Osage Bow & Cliff Knife

See The Cliff Knife page for details.

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